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  • The Group currently operates 9 power plants utilizing a variety of fuels; with an aggregate capacity of 713 MW
    • 2 coal fired plants of 489 MW
    • 1 gas fired plant of 150 MW
    • 6 renewable power plants - 4 biomass plants of 64 MW, a 9.5 MW hydro plant & 0.75 MW wind
  • Additionally the Group is constructing 3 coal fired plants; which will increase total operating capacity to 2,223 MW
    • Ind Barath Thermal Power – 150 MW (1*150 MW) – Unit to be commissioned by Jul-15
    • Ind Barath Energy (Utkal) – 700 MW (2*350 MW) – Units to be commissioned by Oct-14 and Mar-15
    • Ind Barath Power (Madras) – 660 MW to be commissioned by Jun-16
  • The Group also has 5 mines in Indonesia with coal reserves of 32.5 MMT
  • The Group has received multiple rounds of PE and structured investments from Citi Venture Capital, Sequoia, Bessemer Venture, UTI, 3i Capital, PTC India Financial Services and Goldman Sachs

Indian Power Sector Overview

IBPIL – Company overview

IBPIL – Portfolio attractiveness

Corporate Structure

IBPIL – a history of continual development

Portfolio Overview

Diversified portfolio of 712.75 MW operational, 700 MW about to be commissioned, 810 MW under construction
and 1,355 MW under development

Key Management

Key Management

Indonesian Mines

PT Ind-Barath Energy

Ind-Barath Energy (UTKAL) Ltd

Ind-Barath Thermal Power Ltd

Ind-Barath Power (MADRAS) Ltd

Ind-Barath Power Gencom Ltd

Arkay Energy Rameswaram Ltd

Biomass Plants


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